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Life is getting busier by the day, and so is the inclination and energy to spend time in the kitchen. The hectic schedules, though inevitable, has not only affected the healthy eating habits of people, but also discourages them from cooking traditional food on a regular basis as most of the dishes require time and effort.

That’s why Manjilas Double Horse, which always believes in providing the best to its customers, has combined the taste of tradition with the ease of modernity, to make cooking really easy.

Manjilas Double Horse, with the support of its efficient R&D, has reinvented ‘easy traditional cooking’ time and again, with several innovative products ranging from ready-to-cook to cooking pastes to ready-to-eat including some exotic traditional delicacies of Kerala. Each new product brought out by Manjilas Double Horse is a dedication to the rich heritage of traditional Kerala Cuisine, using the latest technology. As a food brand with the singular aim to take good food to its customers, Manjilas Double Horse is always on the “innovation mode”, striving to not just come up with food products that make cooking fast and easy, but also inculcate a “good and healthy eating habit” in people, urging them to make traditional food a part of their daily lives.

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Healthy, nutritious, tasty and new ready to
prepare food varieties keeps
the challenging breakfast
market with a host of
delicious options.

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Good food is very essential in everyone’s life.
Eating healthy food is good for sustainability
of life.

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