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Good food, for you!


Starting from the single retail outlet in Thrissur in 1959, the company now owns a prestigious list of 20 rice varieties and more than 100 food related products in the market. Each and every product from the house of Manjilas has an identity of its own in taste, colour and convenience. Unmatched quality of the rice varieties and raw materials chosen carefully by our team of expert quality control personnel ensures the supreme standard of our product range. The utmost care is given in each and every stage of processing and packing assures the rest. We have been regularly updating the gadgets and knowhow in tune with the resonances in the international market.


Double Horse, as a company giving superior importance to health of our valued customers, uses all the possible means to assure maximum purity in the food products we offer. The best testimonial for the practice is evident from the use of only class one preservatives in our pickles and other preserved food range. Unlike the class two preservatives which include harmful manmade chemical alternatives like sorbites, sulphites, benzovites, the class one preservatives are purely natural and harmless ingredients like salt, vegetable oil and vinegar. All these products undergo thorough quality check at various stages of its processing by well qualified in house professionals with years of experience in the field.


Rice, the prime product of the group still tops the product chart with unmatched demand and reputation among our valued customers in the country and abroad. Double Horse now offers 20 varieties of rice categorized according to the colour, taste and traditional as well as botanical classifications.

"Double Horse food products are prepared from superior quality, selected raw materials and processed under hygienic conditions to provide safe nutritious appealing flavor and exciting taste."