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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A meal that's not taken as seriously as it should be, due hectic schedules and the demands of modern life, Breakfast or 'Break'- 'Fast', as the words itself explains, is 'breaking the fast' after long hours of sleep. Skipping breakfast will not only leave one tired and irritated as the energy levels of the body dip, but also be a potential cause of Diabetes. Hence a good breakfast is not just a meal, but a necessity for the body. And that's why Double Horse, to celebrate its 50th year, published '50 Breakfast Ideas'- a unique Cookery Book that has recipes of 50 different healthy and nutritious breakfast dishes you can make at home with Double Horse, easily. Take a look at our recipe book and start a good, healthy habit...of starting the day with a good, healthy breakfast!




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50 Breakfast Ideas

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Healthy, nutritious, tasty and new ready to prepare
food varieties keeps
the challenging breakfast
market with a host of delicious options.

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Recipe Book

Good food is very essential in everyone’s life.
Eating healthy food is good for sustainability
of life.

Recipe Book