Quality Assurance

Every Manjilas Double Horse Product lives up to its brand promise- of good food .

The first ISO 9001:2000 certified Rice Mill in the Kerala, the company follows stringent quality checks at every stage of production- right from procurement to packaging so that only the best food, in all its natural goodness, reaches its customers.

The raw materials are chosen by expert professionals and procured from the finest sources across the country, inorder to ensure consistent quality and taste. The products are then sorted, cleaned and processed/blended in hygienic environment, to retain their natural taste, nutrition and flavour; and then packed using state-of-the-art technology to seal in the freshness.


We at Double Horse believes that food must be natural, and hence does not use Class II preservatives (Sorbites, Sulphites, Benzovites) that are harmful to health. Hence, even in preserved categories like veg pickle ranges, only natural preservatives like salt, vinegar and vegetable oil are used. No Double Horse products contain artificial sweeteners, flavouring or chemical colours.

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Healthy, nutritious, tasty and new ready to
prepare food varieties keeps
the challenging breakfast
market with a host of
delicious options.

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Good food is very essential in everyone’s life.
Eating healthy food is good for sustainability
of life.

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