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Huller Operator

Job Summary

Operates machines to clean rice and remove hulls from rice preparatory to milling

Job Description

1. Different type of machinery operations like Destoner, sheller, paddy separator, whitner , Silky etc.
2. Responsible for ensuring the quality and quantity of products with fine tuning of machines.
3. Responsible for ensuring the quality and quantity of bran.
4. Responsible for ensuring the quality 7 quantity of byproduct.
5. Responsible for ensuring the production Yield.
6. Responsible for minimising the backlog work in milling section.
7. Responsible for keeping production records.
8. Responsible for production time management.
9. Responsible for perform related duties, such as lubricating, greasing & small maintenance work etc.
10. Responsible for plant & personal hygiene.

Job Requirements:

Qualification: ITI
Gender- Male
Experience- 3 plus relevant experience in FMCG food Industry

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