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Q1. Why does the granule size of Double Horse White Puttupodi & Chemba Puttupodi seems as broken rice?

A . Newer technology of steaming makes puttu powder looks like broken rice, which on rehydrating (water absorption) makes it soft and fluffy .



Q2. Why the colour of Matta Rice does goes and rice becomes whitish in colour after washing?

A. Certain varieties of rice eg. TKM 9 has the character of losing the outer layer bran colour on washing hence may lose its colour and looks whitish.



Q3. Do Double Horse pickles contain any preservatives?

A. Yes, DH pickles contain Class 1 & 2 preservative as per FSSAI norms.



Q4. Does DH coconut milk contain any kind of preservative? If no then how does the product have shelf life for one year?

A. DH coconut milk contains preservativeE223 as per FSSAI norms. It’s processing method (sterilization) make the product capable to be stored for 1 year.



Q5.What kind of bananas is used in Double Horse Banana Powder? From which stage it can be feeded to the kids? Does it have any side effects?

A. DH banana powder contains two varieties of banana i.e. nendran and kunnan. It  is used as an weaning food for kids of about 6 months. This product is perfect for children and adults.



Q6.How does the DH Cup payasam last for six months?

A. The retort technology (sterilization) makes the product last for 6 months. Retorting is a process of heating a product with the application of pressure for a desired time.



Q7. Does DH Ginger coffee contain any type of medicinal herbs?

A. Ginger coffee contains thulsi (basil).



Q8. Why does cooked rice when molded to round shape bounces like a ball?

A. About 70-80 % of rice is made up of starch ( amylose & amylopectin). These two portion determine the character of the rice. If the amylo-pectin portion is higher is a rice, it will be much stickier & rubbery which in turn can bounce like a ball.

Q9. What is the difference between normal wheat and samba wheat? What are its benefits?

A. Samba wheat is rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins. It is helpful in treating diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, constipation and risk of colon cancer.

Q10. DH honey is very thick? Does it contain jaggery or sugar syrups?

A. Honey differs in colour, consistency, taste and smell according to the water content, type of flora used, temp and proportion of specific sugars.

Q11. What kind of ginger is used in ginger pickle?

A. The ginger used in DH ginger pickle is “mango ginger” which has a pleasant taste and flavor.

Q12. Why does gooseberry pickle turns blackish in colour and have whitish spots on it?

A. The agricultural raw materials like dates; gooseberry etc has higher amount of iron in it and hence has the possibility of       turning into black. White spots are due to  mucic acid which is present naturally in gooseberry.

Q13. The layer of cooked rice water on drying burns like plastic? Why?

A. The dried “layer of gruel water “ is formed due to the starch content and hence it burns  .

There are simple ways of testing plastic rice.

  1. If its plastic it will melt when put in hot oil.
  2. It gets melt on chewing, if its plastic it will never melt.
  3. You can keep the cooked rice in normal temperature for 2-3 days it will get rottened, if its plastic it will remain as it is.