Assistant Manager – Purchase


1.Handle procurement cycles, lead times and purchasing requirements within overall business process of acquisition of packing material and minimization of response time while ensuring needs are met in a timely, satisfactory and cost effective manner in case of outsourced finished and semi finished goods.
3.Ensures compliance to quality, safety & environmental standards as per ISO.
4.Planning / Budgeting / Policy guidelines for purchase to meet production plans.
5.Determine the appropriate source selection for materials, services, considering cost, quality and reliability.
6.Work closely with accounts department on all relevant issues such as quality, delivery payments etc.
7.Implement latest strategy and process for achieving uninterrupted supply chain at best price and for best quality.
8.Cost reduction through development of alternate suppliers and alternate materials.
9.Ensure proper compliance of the Central Excise Act and Rules framed there-under and as modified from time to time
10.Prepare reorder level stock.Maintain the minimum stock level.
11.Continuous interaction and relationship building with existing vendors,newly acquired vendors,agents.
12.Negotiate with the vendors for and crack the best and profitable detail.
13.Monitoring day to day stock usage and stock level unit wise,material wise and prepare for the next order estimates.
14.Requires travelling in search/exploration of new vendors.
15.Abreast of current and recent developments in farming,market fluctuation and raw material demand and plan the purchasing accordingly.
16.Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy.
17.Present MIS reports as and when required and asked by the reporting manager and management.

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