Double Horse White puttupodi

Mix one cup of Double Horse puttu podi, with one cup of water and required salt. Keep aside for 20 minutes. Add the required coconut

Double Horse Instant Idiyappam

Nothing can be easier than Instant Idiyappams in the morning. Just immerse Double Horse Instant Idiyappam in a pan of boiling water, switch off the

Double Horse Chicken Masala

Making mouth-watering and yummy chicken for your family with Double Horse Chicken Masala is easy. Just marinate the chicken pieces with the masala and salt

Double Horse Easy Palappam Mix

With Double Horse Easy Palappam Mix, you can make quick palappams with just sugar, salt and lukewarm water. The fermentation time is just one hour,

Double Horse Jaggery Powder

#Jaggery Payasam #NamukkuCookCheythaalo #DoubleHorse Ready to make lip- smacking palada payasam? Make it even more delicious with Double Horse Jaggery Powder, coconut milk, Double Horse


ROASTED RAVA #NamukkuCookCheythaalo​ #DoubleHorse There is an easy way to make yummy, tasty roasted Rava, and with Double Horse Roasted Rava, you can make the

Brahmin Sambar

Follow the instructions on the Double Horse Brahmin Sambar Powder packet. Cook the vegetables, and then season them using the sambar powder. Mix well and

Chicken Curry

Rub in Double Horse Chicken Masala and salt to chopped chicken pieces. Leave it for ten minutes. Grind ingredients 4, 5, and 6 into a

Sweetened Palappam

Prepare Palappam batter as per the instructions on the packet. When ready, add the sweet syrup, cardamom powder and coconut chunks. Mix well and make

Calcutta Roll

Mix the onion slices with vinegar, red chilli powder and salt. Knead the atta with salt, warm water and a few drops of oil into

Semiya Stuffed Omelette

Boil the semiya in salted water. Drain, spread out the strands and keep them aside. Whisk the eggs with pepper powder, green chillies, onions, capsicum,

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