Free Delivery on Orders of Rs 500 or Above
Free Delivery on Orders of Rs 500 or Above


The CSR Policy of MFTPL focuses on addressing the social, environmental and economic needs of the marginalised/underprivileged/talented sections. Through this policy, we align our CSR strategy with the company’s vision and goals. We adopt an approach that integrates the solutions to these problems into the strategies of the company in order to benefit the communities at large and generate social and environmental value.

CSR Activities 2020 - 2021

Nurses Day

Vaccination Drive

Double Horse to help differently-abled person who sells Covid masks

Double Horse, the famous food products Brand is lending a helping hand to E R Ashwin, who did not have sight from birth, as part of their CSR activities. Ashwin, who is a post graduate in Political Science from Thrissur Kerala Varma College helps a number of people from his earnings. He sells Covid masks made by differently-abled persons, people with spinal injuries who cannot work like others and Kudumbashree workers at Government offices, banks and private offices.

Double Horse has come forward to help Ashwin in these initiatives. The goal is to buy masks worth Rs. One Lakh from Ashwin and distribute the masks among the social and health workers in Thrissur. Through that Double Horse intends to help Ashwin in his studies and better his future.

Ashwin who lives in Ollur, now sells masks through post because of the Covid restrictions. He has also started online selling through mobile that have the talk back feature. Sanjay George, The Double Horse CEO, and Santhosh Manjila, the Managing Director and Joe Ranji, the Director, attended the function.

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