November 2021

Most Famous Kerala Pickles You Must Try

In India, there is a wide selection of pickles to choose from. Pickles are created mostly from mango, lime, Indian gooseberry (amla), chilli, birds-eye chiles, and vegetables such as eggplants, carrots, cauliflower, tomato, and bitter gourd in India. Pickles (Achars) are an important part of Kerala cuisine. Especially at lunch and dinner, Keralites enjoy spicy, hot pickles or achars. Pickles, also known as achars, are a side dish that makes an Indian dinner complete. Mangoes and lemon are used in many of Kerala’s pickle recipes, including delicate mango pickles, lime pickles, dry mango pickles, sliced mango pickles, and many others. Ginger garlic pickles, gooseberry or nellikka pickles, chilli, prawn seer fish pickles, and so on are some of the other popular pickles.

However, in India, achaar goes beyond the concept of spice combinations that most of us are familiar with. To reaffirm our passion for pickles, we’ve gathered a variety of famous pickles from across Kerala to delight your senses and reawaken your taste buds. Here is a list of the most famous Kerala pickles you must try at least once in your lifetime!

Cut Mango Pickles

 Cut mango pickle called the “King of Pickles,” is a fine blend of sliced mango pieces, red chilli powder, mustard seeds powder, salt, and coconut oil or sesame oil, all of which are used in prescribed proportions and left to mature for a few weeks in porcelain vessels over the hot summer months. In Kerala, it’s common in homes, while in Tamil Nadu, it’s a staple on wedding menus. Chilli powder, turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper, and mustard are just a few days away from sinking into the mango in this quick-fix pickle. The way mango slices are chopped into large cubes to be pickled gives the pickle its name.

 Dates Pickles

 A classic pickle recipe from Kerala’s Malabar region is Malabar Style Dates Pickle. Dates are commonly used in desserts or consumed raw. It’s a quick pickle recipe that takes only 10 minutes to prepare. It’s sweet, spicy, and tangy, and it’s jam-packed with flavors. Eenthapazham achar is a Malabar specialty that goes well with Thalassery biriyani.

Fish Pickles

 Kerala fish pickle is just out of this world. Really! You’re missing out if you like seafood and haven’t experienced Kerala’s version of fish pickle or meen achar. Fish pickle is one of Kerala’s many beloved delicacies. It goes well with rice and chapatis as a side dish. If you want to eat fish every day, this is the dish for you. The fish pickle is made with spicy spices and the flavors of the fish, and it’s a traditional Kerala recipe.

Garlic Pickles

 If you like pickles, we’re sure you’ll love this. Garlic pickle has a salty, sour, and spicy flavor signature. It’s a mouthwatering concoction of flavors. Garlic has a long list of health advantages and has traditionally been a staple in Indian cuisine. Serve it with a side dish of your choice to make it even more exquisite.  If you are a lover of hot and spicy pickles, once you try garlic pickles, we guarantee you will become a die-hard fan of it immediately.

 Lime Pickles

The most popular pickle on this list is the lemon pickle, which is enjoyed by practically everyone. Lemon or lime pickle, made with lemons, salt, crushed spices, oil, and a pinch of red chilli powder, is one of the oldest condiments. You can eat this pickle with any Indian cuisine because it is thought to aid digestion when taken in little amounts.

 Prawn Pickle

If you enjoy non-vegetarian Indian pickles, this Kerala Chemmeen/Prawn pickle is a must-try). It is one of South India’s most popular non-vegetarian pickles. Keralites make extensive use of this in their cuisine. The prawns must first be cleaned and properly peeled. After that, you must de-vain those little critters and add any seasonings you like. The ginger and garlic paste makes up the majority of this dish. You must roughly crush them and sauté them over a medium flame.

Tender Mango Pickle

 Tender mango pickle is prepared with exquisite small raw mangoes, chilli, salt, and other unique ingredients, then processed in the traditional Namboothiri’s method. Mango absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients, and the taste of the pickle lingers in the mouth.

There is no Indian lunch that is complete without a pickle on the table. In India, there are about 1000 different types of pickles. Pickles have a long history in Indian culture and can transport us back to our youth. If you like pickles and haven’t tried most of the ones on this list, it is time you try out Double Horse pickles. As a most trusted food brand in Kerala, Double Horse offers tasty Kerala pickles made with farm-fresh items, dipped in the most aromatic, flavor enriching spices that would take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen filled with achar jars and that spicy aroma!


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Top 5 Payasams in Kerala


            Every Malayali around the world has a few factors that unite them despite their varied differences. And one of the most discerning factors of the lot would undoubtedly be an unquestionable love for payasam! An Onam sadya or a special occasion is not complete without the delectable taste of payasam on the palate. From milk based, jaggery-based to even modern variations involving fruits and vegetables, payasam may have evolved through the ages to fit the desires and needs of the people, but the classic varieties still reign supreme in their hearts and tummies.  


          With the introduction of readymade payasam mixes in recent years, such as palada mix in Kerala, it has now become easier than ever before for anyone anywhere to make instant payasam in a jiffy. Let us dive into finding out the most popular top 5 payasams in Kerala: 


        1. Palada Payasam 


         You could call it the showstopper or the champion, Palada payasam is one of the most popular varieties of payasam in Kerala. Made with small-sized rice flakes or ada, milk and sugar, making Palada payasam may seem easy at first but it requires a certain nuance and skill to perfect it. With a distinct taste and flavor only a few can master, Palada payasam when made to perfection puts all other payasams to shame. The popularity of Palada payasam has prompted many FMCG companies to bring out instant Palada payasam mixes that sell out like hotcakes throughout the year. 


        2. Gothambu Payasam 


           The unsung hero of payasams, Gothambu payasam is made from broken wheat and coconut milk. Gothambu payasam is one of the lighter variations of payasam and is one of the most preferred options for those with a slightly less sweet tooth. Those who are vegan or lactose intolerant may also find Gothambu payasam to be their calling among t

he other popular varieties out there. Gothambu payasam is also one of the easiest to make with the ingredients easily available anywhere.  

      3. Semiya Payasam 


         Made from vermicelli, Semiya payasam is yet another popular milk-based payasam that has a huge fan following. One that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, Semiya payasam is very easy and effortless to make. For the same reason, there is no special occasion required to prepare Semiya payasam. It is essentially made by roasting vermicelli, simmering it in milk until it is cooked, sweetening it with sugar and finally garnishing it with roasted cashew nuts and raisins. It can be e

njoyed hot or cold in equal measure and even with a banana as an added accouterment. 

      4. Ada Payasam 


         One of the oldest varieties of payasam, Ada pradhaman is yet another ada or rice flakes-based payasam. Unlike Palada payasam, Ada payasam is not a milk based payasam; rather it is made from bigger, bite-sized flakes of ada, jaggery and coconut milk. Ada payasam is a more traditionally rich version of payasam which is popularly made for special occasions especially in the Southern parts of Kerala.  

       5. Parippu Payasam 


         Last but not least, Parippu payasam rounds up our list of top 5 payasams in Kerala. Made with parippu or split mung dal, Parippu payasam combines jaggery and coconut milk to make a rich and sinful dessert. Parippu payasam is usually prepared on special occasions like Onam or weddings, but like any other payasam it can also be enjoyed just for the sake of it without having to wait for an occasion as such. 

           Payasams may come in different tastes and colours, but a Malayali’s love for payasam remains the same always. The beauty of payasam is that there is something for everyone out there – such is the sheer variety of options that payasam comes in.  

          Enjoy a hassle-free payasam at home with the range of instant payasam mixes from Double Horse. Made with the finest quality ingredients and the tastiest flavors, you can be transported to another world with Double Horse payasam mixes. Buy it from your nearest supermarket or order online here. 

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