Must Try Special Vishu Dishes

Must Try Vishu Special Dishes

Vishu is almost here, and we can’t wait to eat some delicious food! For those who are unaware, the beginning of the Zodiac New Year is known as Vishu in Kerala. It is a day when Lord Vishnu is prayed to and the New Year is welcomed with open arms. This day is marked by a number of traditions, one of which is the ‘grand Vishu lunch.’

Food is very important in the Vishu celebration, and Keralites, like other communities, are extremely proud of their heritage of exciting cuisine on this day. The feasts held during Vishu are known as ‘Sadhya’

Vishu Special Dishes You Must Try

Kerala cuisine bursting with flavor is known for its unique spice blend. If you’re planning a Vishu feast at home, here are some scrumptious recipes to get you started.


Looking for a traditional Vishu snack? Unniyappam is the correct answer! Many people enjoy sweet fritters made with rice, banana, jaggery, and coconut.

Kootu curry

This fine kootu curry dish will delight your taste buds. This traditional sadya curry is a thick curry-based dish made with roasted coconut and a few veggies- yam, plantain, and black chickpeas. This is a delicious non-spicy, slightly sweet side dish that goes well with steamed rice.


This dish is a seasonal one because it is made with mangoes. It is difficult to pronounce but one of the best of a Vishu meal. It has a soup-like texture and a sweet and sour flavor. Mampazhappulissery can be eaten on its own or with rice. Because mango is a seasonal fruit, this dish is one of the most popular during this season.

Palada payasam

Palada Payasam is a must-try sweet delicacy from Kerala that is served during festivals such as Onam and Vishu, as well as special occasions. In Kerala, the traditional Sadya served during festivals such as Onam and Vishu, as well as on special occasions, is incomplete without a variety of Payasams and Pradhaman.

Palada Payasam is made with rice ada (cooked rice flakes), milk, and sugar, whereas Palada Pradhaman/Ada Pradhaman is made with rice ada, coconut milk, and jaggery. The sweet Palada Payasam made from Double Horse Palada can take your taste buds to another level.

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Mango pachadi

This cracker dish is as simple as a wink and features an addictive combination of mango, coconut milk, and shallots. A vehemently Keralite dish seasoned with coconut oil and mustard seeds, this delectableness adds a punch to traditional feasts.


No Kerala feast or sadya would be complete without this traditional dish. It is one of the most popular Keralite delicacies. It’s a thick mixture of different vegetables, ash gourd, curd, and grated coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves, served as an accompaniment to rice. According to Hindu mythology, Bhima invented this mixed vegetable preparation during their exile period.


Another must-try Kerala delicacy. It’s a delectable dish made with ash gourds and cowpeas, coconut milk, coconut oil, and fresh curry leaves.

Vishu ada

On the auspicious day of Vishu, the auspicious Vishukani is backed by the ceremonial Vishu ada; it is the best start you could ask for on a glorious day.


Prepare to eat these rice flour and jaggery pancakes fried in ghee whenever you visit the state in April. They are made ahead of time to be arranged with Vishu Kani, a collection of auspicious things that can be seen when one opens his eyes on the day of the Vishu festival. Also great as one of the best tea snacks.

Vishu is the epitome of a Kerala celebration, with its beautiful aesthetics and understated elegance. It has the same elegance and harmony as a traditional Kerala Hindu wedding. That’s not the only thing in common. It’s also the Sadhya! For beginners, preparing the sadhya can be a bit challenging. However, with Double Horse instant mixes, you can enjoy a hassle-free sadhya made at home in just 20 minutes.

Made with the finest ingredients, these delicious Kerala dishes prepared with Double Horse, the most trusted food brand in Kerala, will make this festive season even grander and mouth-watering.