Dr. Sujith Nambiar

Namaste. My name is Dr. Sujith Nambiar, I am a general practitioner from Udupi. I came across one beautiful company called Double Horse only through my sister whose stays in California. She wanted a chutney powder from Double Horse. Till that day I was not aware of the company called Double Horse. And once when I asked one of my relatives from Kerala, they said, there is a company called Double House. Then I went in through Internet. I had a check, and I found the product. I called the company people requested them my need. I had to send this chutney powder, particularly to my sister, who stays in California. This company people. I have not seen them personally, nor I have talked to them early. But the way they responded to my request, Mark my words. I felt really good. They send me the product and I received the product on 7th August and the very next day I sent one kilo of double Horse chutney powder to my sister. I’m very happy the way they responded to a customer who was nothing to them. I’m just a layman. I just called them, and I requested them. I want this and the way they responded, I wish this company should come up in full of India as one of the top ten companies.

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