Jaggery: Health Benefits You Should Know

Jaggery was used more commonly during the old days instead of sugar. While sugar is attributed with several minor to major diseases and pointed out as one of the major reasons behind many of the lifestyle diseases, people are puzzled and ferociously wondering about an alternative. Jaggery is slowly finding its way into people’s life once again and this time it is safe to say that it’s here to stay. Several of the health and fitness related magazines and experts in the field have pointed out several health benefits of jaggery. It is not just better than white sugar but also helps in holistic improvement of the body and aids in digestion, and even provides a decent amount of minerals and proteins.


Various Health Benefits of Jaggery

       1. Weight Loss

Jaggery aids much in weight loss. Unlike white sugar which gives only calories and perpetuates obesity, jaggery facilitates weight loss. It flushes out all the toxins from the body and even helps in purifying blood. It is a rich source of potassium which in turn boosts muscle functions and increases metabolism. It balances the electrolytes in the body and helps in the reduction of water retention which is a crucial factor in managing your body weight. If you are struggling to find a way to lose weight, then add jaggery to your diet and you can see a considerable difference.

       2. Effective in treating flu and related symptoms

Jaggery has great medicinal value and benefits. It is effective in treating several diseases including flu. It can be consumed in different formats. If you are having the flu, try mixing jaggery with warm water and drinking it regularly. It can reduce symptoms greatly. It can even be a part of your daily tea. Avoid using white sugar and make jaggery a habit whenever you are making tea. It is one way of making your tea healthy. Jaggery has a certain warming effect that can soothe and can effectively treat flu and cold.

      3. Helpful in preventing respiratory diseases

Including jaggery in the diet can help you prevent respiratory diseases such as asthma. It is even effective against chronic respiratory conditions and issues. Its medicinal value when leveraged right can be extremely helpful. Consuming jaggery frequently can help mitigate and cure conditions like bronchitis etc. To enhance its healing effect try combining jaggery with sesame seeds. It is really helpful in treating respiratory ailments.

     4. Energy booster

Eating jaggery boosts energy and helps you get through the day without feeling tired or fatigued. White sugar is not capable of providing any energy besides adding calories over calories making it hard to lose weight and maintain a fit body. Jaggery on the other hand is a complex carbohydrate in itself. It breaks down to give enormous amounts of energy helping you complete your task with wholesome energy throughout the day.

     5. Helps beat menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be dreary for many. Some are not capable of doing their daily activities on the first few days of getting menstruation. The pain can drain you off and occasionally many find themselves wishing for a magical remedy that can ease their pain. Well, here you are. Jaggery helps ease menstrual pain immensely. It decreases the period cramps and even helps with mood swings. Yes, you heard that right.  Jaggery helps in releasing endorphins which can reduce mood swings and help you tackle your periods better than ever before. If you are feeling blue or the symptoms of PMS are washing over you then you might want to take a bite of jaggery and feel the difference yourself.

     6. Cool Cool Jaggery

Dreading summer because of the increasing heat? Tired of dehydration? Try some jaggery. It has immense cooling properties that can make you feel chilled even in the sweltering heat. It is because of this that jaggery is consumed largely during the summer months. It also helps in maintaining the normal body temperature and thereby keeping the stomach cool. It decreases the chances for gastrointestinal disorders and in fact, helps in purifying the intestines of all toxins. It lessens the chances of getting stomach disorders and keeps the abdomen and intestines healthy.

      7. Prevents anaemia

Jaggery is a rich source of iron and folate which helps in preventing anemia. The condition can cause a large number of issues starting from dizziness to feeling tired all the time. Beat the symptoms with jaggery. Adding it to your diet can help you in more ways than you can imagine. It makes sure that the body has the required number of red blood cells which keeps the body healthy and fit. It is especially helpful for pregnant women and those having troubles with their menstruation. It can make you feel energetic and radiant throughout the day.

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