Wheat Kichadi

Heat oil and ghee in a pan. Splutter mustard seeds, urad dal and channa dal. Add in curry leaves, onions, green chillies and ginger. When

Semiya Chicken Biryani

Heat oil and ghee in a thick-bottomed pan. Add cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, onions, salt, green chillies and ginger-garlic paste. When the onions start turning soft,

Easy Soya Manchurian

Boil soya chunks in boiling saltwater. Drain and squeeze out the water. Mix cornflour, salt, pepper, water and eggs. Dip the chunks in this mixture

Ginger Garlic Chicken

Heat oil in a pan. Add the onion slices and half of the fresh ginger and garlic. Sauté well. Add the ginger-garlic paste, dry masala

Chicken Biryani

Wash and Soak 500g (2½ Cups) of Basmati Rice for 15 min. In a pressure cooker, put 500g Chicken pieces and 650ml (3¼ Cups) of

Chemba Puttu

Sprinkle Double Horse Chemba Puttu Podi with the required quantity of water and salt. Mix for 5 minutes to obtain desired consistency (if softer puttu

Palada Payasam Mix

Boil 2 litres of milk in a wide mouth thick bottomed vessel (preferably a big pressure cooker without lid or uruli). Empty the contents of


Mix 15 tbsp Sugar, ½ tsp Salt, 3 Cups (600 ml approx.), lukewarm water and 500g Double Horse Vattayappam Mix in a mixer for 1


Boil water with salt, jeera, shallots and half a spoon of ghee (optional). Add rice powder and mix with the back of a ladle/ wooden

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