Top Easy Dishes You Can Try for Your Breakfast

Breakfast is always a hustling affair in almost all households. With few leaving for work and kids leaving for school, it is always a hustle bustle in the morning. At the same time, breakfast is essential if you want to get through the day without feeling tired or fatigued. Skipping breakfast can have adverse effects on the body as well as on the mind. People have been forever on the lookout for easy breakfast recipes which can make their morning easier. Double Horse has always understood the needs of our customers and has launched products that are specifically meant to make mornings a lovely affair. Read below to know some of the top easy dishes you can try for your breakfast.

  • Appam

With Double Horse Palappam mix, you can make fluffy appams in no time. The ready to use package needs no fermentation and thereby saves time and effort. It is made with organic and fresh ingredients and can provide you with the energy to face the day. The appam goes well with egg as well as mutton or vegetable stew. It is made from a selected variety of rice to ensure immense taste and crispy texture.

  • Puttu

If you ask around in any household in Kerala, they would unanimously agree that puttu is their ready-to-go breakfast on busy days. It can be prepared within minutes and is packed with the goodness of carbohydrates and protein. With Double Horse puttu podi, you can prepare super yummy puttu without any effort. We also have a diverse range of puttu podi, like Chemba puttu podi, Corn puttu podi, Ragi puttu podi etc. It can give you fluffy puttu within minutes. It requires no water and is made with sortex rice for the best quality.

  • Idiyappam

Idiyappam has a special place in the heart of every person who has eaten it at least once. It is a staple breakfast dish of Kerala and can be made easier especially with Double Horse’s instant Idiyappam mix. All you have to do is to open the pack and pour it into the pan. Forget the tedious fermentation process now you can get fluffy and cottony soft idiyappam in minutes. Made with organic ingredients it is also good for your body. Make your breakfast healthy and yummy with Double Horse.

  • Pathiri

Even though it is more prevalent in the Malabar regions, pathiri is winning hearts with every passing day. Light on the stomach and rich with carbohydrates it is an ideal breakfast. Using Double Horse Pathiri powder, you can now make soft and light pathiri within seconds. The dough can be prepared easily with normal water and doesn’t require hot water. Within a few minutes, you can have super soft pathiri that would go perfectly well with chicken as well as vegetable curries.

  • Dosa

Now, who doesn’t love a hot crispy dosa in the morning! Dosa has fans all across the country and is one of the signature breakfast dishes south India brags of. Now you can bid goodbye to the fermentation process and preparation of the batter. Double Horse instant Dosa Mix can give you restaurant style dosa right at home. Eat it with super spicy chutney or hot sambar and your day is made!

  • Idli

Craving idlis but forgot to prepare the batter? Rush to the store and grab a packet of Double Horse instant Idli Mix. With just one hour of fermentation time, get cottony soft idlis without any effort. You can use lukewarm water and can use the same batter to prepare idli as well as dosa. When every member of the family wants something different for breakfast, this is one way for you to ace the game.

  • Upma

Easy breakfast? Surely you should know about upma then. Not all upmas taste good but we know the one that does. Get a package of Double Horse upma mix and enjoy the flavorsome fragrance as well as the lip smacking taste of upma like never before. And what more? Get your breakfast ready in just two minutes! Little stir and mix, your breakfast is ready!

  • Rice Seva

Are you a rice seva fan? Would you like to have it every morning? Then buy Double Horse Rice Seva mix and have delicious and healthy rice seva every morning. It is healthy and made with natural ingredients that can boost your immunity as well as provide you with abundant energy. Now have your favorite breakfast everyday with Double Horse. We make it easy for you.

  • Poori

It is delicious as well as a perfect breakfast option. Poori can be prepared simply and easily all you need is to have little Atta powder at home. Poori goes well with a lot of curries including vegetable stew, egg curry and chicken. It is tasty and makes anyone an instant fan. Having a busy morning? Make poori and have a nice breakfast.

  • Kozhukatta

If you have a sweet tooth then kozhukatta is an ideal breakfast option for you. Made with jaggery and rice, it is rich in nutrients and gives a delicious treat to the taste buds. If you wish, you can replace the sweet filling with savory as well. It takes very less preparation time and can keep you throughout the day with richness of rice and goodness of jaggery.

Double Horse has redefined the concept of breakfast by minimizing the effort and enhancing the taste. Provide yourself with energy and full fledged meals with Double Horse instant mixes. No more skipping breakfast, only healthy days ahead.


10 Best Ragi Flour Recipes

Raggi is a healthy food grain that should be part of your diet. We are presenting you the 10 best ragi flour recipes that would offer a feast for your taste buds. Clean, hygienic and chemical-free food and agro products from Double Horse offer you and your family a healthy diet.

Before we move on to the ragi flour recipes that can be prepared using tasty Double horse Ragi powder, let’s look into the health benefits of ragi.

  • Protein-rich
  • Aiding in weight loss naturally
  • Strengthens hair
  • High in calcium that would fortify bones and teeth
  • Helps prevent diabetes
  • Good for the digestive system
  • Healthy skin
  • Good for breastfeeding mothers

Raggi lost supremacy due to the increased acceptance of rice and wheat. However, it is the right food grain to keep you fit and strong. Adding a food item made of ragi to your breakfast, lunch or dinner would prove to be of great health benefits.

10 Ragi Flour Recipes

Include Raggi as part of your family’s diet. It offers exceptional health benefits compared to other food grains. Consider trying these easy-to-cook ragi delicacies at home.

  1. Ragi Dosa

If you are looking for an easy to cook ragi recipe, try ragi dosa. Ragi dosa is prepared as the normal dosa made of rice and urad daal (Black Lentils). It is brown in colour and tastes similar to rice dosa. You can also try making ragi masala dosa, by filling it with onion, boiled potato, and tomato. Ragi egg dosa can also be tried if you want.

  1. Ragi Idli

Ragi Idli is one easy ragi recipe you can try replacing rice or rava, with which you usually make Idli, to make ragi idli. A combination of ragi idli and chutney/ sambar is tasty as well as healthy.

  1. Ragi Roti

Do not limit your dinner food recipes to wheat or rice. Prepare Ragi roti stuffed with vegetables and serve. You will be surprised to find how tasty it is. Easily digestible ragi roti is ideal for dinner.

  1. Ragi Wheat Bread

Are you planning to make bread at home? Give it a pleasant twist by adding ragi flour with wheat. Once tasted, you will never go back to the normal bread prepared of wheat or maida. This healthy ragi wheat bread can be a tasty replacement for normal bread. Prepare it with Raggi, yoghurt, spinach, butter and jaggery.

  1. Ragi Porridge

Ragi porridge, with its creamy touch, will be loved by both kids and elders. Make the ragi porridge sweat and smooth with milk and jaggery. It would resemble kheer in taste.

  1. Ragi Malpua

The pancake made of ragi is called Ragi Malpua. Add fillings as you wish, to the silky smooth Malpua. Pack it with grated coconut, cashew nut pieces, dates, badam or any other tasty nut of filling you wash. Spread honey to give it a supreme effect. Nutritious and tasty Ragi Malpua can be prepared in minutes.

  1. Ragi Mudde

The favourite food item of Kannadigas, Ragi Mudde is slowly becoming more popular in the rest of India. The sphere-shaped mudde can be prepared easily. Known to digest easily and a treasure of nutrients, Ragi Mudde can be consumed with sambar, rasam or any other curry.

  1. Ragi Cutlet

Who doesn’t like cutlets? Take ragi flour, mix it with spices and boiled vegetables and make cutlets in a matter of minutes. Yummy cutlets made of ragi is the right evening snack or as a side dish during lunch.

  1. Ragi Oats Ladoo

Mix ragi flour, oats powder, dates, sugar or honey, grated coconut and make ragi ladoo. Once tried, the sweet ladoos will win your heart and would soon become a delicacy for all special occasions.

  1. Ragi Biscuits

What about making biscuits with Raggi? Yes, you can prepare crunchy Ragi biscuits quite easily. Prepare the dough using ragi flour mixed with nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, cashew nuts, dates and other paraphernalia you want. Simply bake it to prepare the best biscuits you have ever tasted.

Double Horse Ragi Powder – The Powerhouse of Energy and Nutrition

Double Horse, from the house of Manjilas that has been delivering quality products for more than 62 years, is the best choice for food agro products. Offering good food for all, we climbed the ladder of success winning the hearts of the customers. We have been the consumer’s first choice since 1959. We endeavour to maintain credibility and trustworthiness by pursuing international quality standards.

The first rice mill in Kerala to receive the acclaimed ISO 9001:2000 for quality, we continue the legacy left behind by our founder Late MO John. We follow a quality-driven process from procurement to delivery. All the Double Horse food products undergo a thorough quality inspection prior to reaching the cleaning and sorting section.

The agro and food products reaching the cleaning and sorting section would be cleaned and filtered using world-class technology, untouched by hand. The food grains would be clean of all the dirt and foreign material on passing through the advanced cleaning and filtering process. Packing is done using innovative machinery. This assures that the exact quantity of product is packed, and sealed in a proper manner. Our effort always remained to ensure the best quality product to our valued customers.

Ragi is the right way for a healthy life. Double Horse Ragi is highly healthy, high in nutrition, and can be used by all age groups. Check out excellent quality Double Horse Ragi Powder to prepare amazing easy-to-prepare ragi dishes.



Jaggery: Health Benefits You Should Know

Jaggery was used more commonly during the old days instead of sugar. While sugar is attributed with several minor to major diseases and pointed out as one of the major reasons behind many of the lifestyle diseases, people are puzzled and ferociously wondering about an alternative. Jaggery is slowly finding its way into people’s life once again and this time it is safe to say that it’s here to stay. Several of the health and fitness related magazines and experts in the field have pointed out several health benefits of jaggery. It is not just better than white sugar but also helps in holistic improvement of the body and aids in digestion, and even provides a decent amount of minerals and proteins.


Various Health Benefits of Jaggery

       1. Weight Loss

Jaggery aids much in weight loss. Unlike white sugar which gives only calories and perpetuates obesity, jaggery facilitates weight loss. It flushes out all the toxins from the body and even helps in purifying blood. It is a rich source of potassium which in turn boosts muscle functions and increases metabolism. It balances the electrolytes in the body and helps in the reduction of water retention which is a crucial factor in managing your body weight. If you are struggling to find a way to lose weight, then add jaggery to your diet and you can see a considerable difference.

       2. Effective in treating flu and related symptoms

Jaggery has great medicinal value and benefits. It is effective in treating several diseases including flu. It can be consumed in different formats. If you are having the flu, try mixing jaggery with warm water and drinking it regularly. It can reduce symptoms greatly. It can even be a part of your daily tea. Avoid using white sugar and make jaggery a habit whenever you are making tea. It is one way of making your tea healthy. Jaggery has a certain warming effect that can soothe and can effectively treat flu and cold.

      3. Helpful in preventing respiratory diseases

Including jaggery in the diet can help you prevent respiratory diseases such as asthma. It is even effective against chronic respiratory conditions and issues. Its medicinal value when leveraged right can be extremely helpful. Consuming jaggery frequently can help mitigate and cure conditions like bronchitis etc. To enhance its healing effect try combining jaggery with sesame seeds. It is really helpful in treating respiratory ailments.

     4. Energy booster

Eating jaggery boosts energy and helps you get through the day without feeling tired or fatigued. White sugar is not capable of providing any energy besides adding calories over calories making it hard to lose weight and maintain a fit body. Jaggery on the other hand is a complex carbohydrate in itself. It breaks down to give enormous amounts of energy helping you complete your task with wholesome energy throughout the day.

     5. Helps beat menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be dreary for many. Some are not capable of doing their daily activities on the first few days of getting menstruation. The pain can drain you off and occasionally many find themselves wishing for a magical remedy that can ease their pain. Well, here you are. Jaggery helps ease menstrual pain immensely. It decreases the period cramps and even helps with mood swings. Yes, you heard that right.  Jaggery helps in releasing endorphins which can reduce mood swings and help you tackle your periods better than ever before. If you are feeling blue or the symptoms of PMS are washing over you then you might want to take a bite of jaggery and feel the difference yourself.

     6. Cool Cool Jaggery

Dreading summer because of the increasing heat? Tired of dehydration? Try some jaggery. It has immense cooling properties that can make you feel chilled even in the sweltering heat. It is because of this that jaggery is consumed largely during the summer months. It also helps in maintaining the normal body temperature and thereby keeping the stomach cool. It decreases the chances for gastrointestinal disorders and in fact, helps in purifying the intestines of all toxins. It lessens the chances of getting stomach disorders and keeps the abdomen and intestines healthy.

      7. Prevents anaemia

Jaggery is a rich source of iron and folate which helps in preventing anemia. The condition can cause a large number of issues starting from dizziness to feeling tired all the time. Beat the symptoms with jaggery. Adding it to your diet can help you in more ways than you can imagine. It makes sure that the body has the required number of red blood cells which keeps the body healthy and fit. It is especially helpful for pregnant women and those having troubles with their menstruation. It can make you feel energetic and radiant throughout the day.

Make Double Horse jaggery a habit and find your body transforming for the good.

Double Horse has been the first choice of countless customers across the globe. With relentless trust and quality products, today we are known as the most trusted food brand in Kerala. Visit our website to know more about our premium quality products.

Essential Spices in Kerala Cuisine


The rich legacy and culture of Kerala are intertwined with its rich relationship with food. Being the spice capital of India, Kerala cuisine is abundant in flavor, aroma and taste in a way that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In this article, let us take a tour around the essential spices in Kerala cuisine:


1.        Biryani Masala

Biryani is a dish loved by everyone around the world, but it has a huge fan following in Kerala. And adding that much needed punch to a biryani is the biryani masala – an exotic blend of spices and powders. Buy the best biryani masala from Double Horse to prepare the tastiest biryanis.

2.      Sambar Powder

Sambar is one of the most commonly prepared breakfast dishes in any South Indian household. Prepared with lentils, vegetables and a range of spices, making sambar is now easier than ever before with the availability of sambar powders in the market.

3.      Chicken Masala

Chicken curry is a dish that has a special place in every Malayali’s heart. Make chicken curry with ease with the help of special chicken masala powder from Double Horse.

4.      Pepper Powder

Pepper is one of the most valuable and priceless spices in the world, the king of spices that attracted world trade to India’s shores. The pepper plant is cultivated in Kerala in droves and constitutes one of the biggest exports from the country. Pepper powder is used in a variety of dishes in Kerala as well as the whole world and is famed for its deep and unique heat flavor and fragrance.

5.       Coriander Powder

Coriander is a herb with a rich fragrance and flavor that is used as it is and in powdered form in the preparation of a variety of dishes. Coriander powder finds its place in the kitchen shelves of every Kerala household and is used to make a lot of dishes like sambar, chicken curry, rasam and a wide variety of other curries as well.

6.      Egg Roast Masala

You cannot separate a Malayali from an egg roast curry. Prepare the tastiest egg roast with ease with the help of egg roast masala. Egg roast masala is a blend of turmeric powder, Kashmiri chili powder, coriander powder, pepper powder and garam masala powder.


7.       Fish Masala

Preparing a fish fry or a fish curry can no longer be a headache with fish curry masalas. Fish masala provides zing and flavor to any fish based dish or curry, with its unique concoction of spices and powders. Make the tastiest and healthy fish curry with fish masala from Double Horse.

8.      Garam Masala

Garam masala is a distinct blend of a range of spices such as cinnamon, mace, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and cardamon pods, made by drying, toasting and powdering the same. Garam masala is a one-for-all spice powder that can elevate any dish to the next level.

9.      Meat Masala

Preparing meat dishes need not be a hassle with instant meat masala. Meat masala is usually made of coriander, chillies, fennel, gram dal, turmeric, salt, cumin seeds, mustard, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, fenugreek, cardamom, nutmeg, star anise, cloves, to name a few.

10. Vegetable Masala

Vegetable masala plays an undeniable role in Kerala cuisine. It’s versatility allows it to be used to prepare vegetarian dishes such as aloo masala, gobi masala, chickpeas curry, kurma, and so much more.

11.   Turmeric Masala

Turmeric masala is a spice Indians cannot live without thanks to its mesmerizing fragrance, taste and color. Turmeric is a high antioxidant, antiseptic and cleansing spice that has numerous health benefits for skin and body. It helps boost immunity and metabolism as well.

12.  Cloves

Cloves are one of the most valuable spices in any Kerala household. This tiny spice packs a punch when it comes to flavor and elevates any dish and is used extensively in meat preparations. Clove is not just used for its flavor profile, it has antioxidant properties, helps cure stomach ulcers, improves bone density and helps alleviate toothaches as well.

13.  Cardamom

Cardamom is popularly known as the Queen of spices for a reason. It has a distinct aroma and flavor and adds layers to any dish it is used in. Cardamom is also used in mouth fresheners and other similar products for its invigorating aroma. Cardamom also provides numerous health benefits – anti-inflammatory, lowering blood pressure, curing stomach ulcers and easing digestion.

14.  Cinnamon

The role cinnamon plays in enhancing the taste and flavor of any dish needs no introduction. Cinnamon is available both as rolls of bark as well as powdered form. Popular worldwide for its unique properties, cinnamon is also recognised for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, repairing body tissues and fighting infections.

15.  Ginger

Ginger is one of the most commonly available spices in any Kerala household. Used in a variety of dishes, ginger provides a noticeable sharpness to any dish and is also extremely beneficial to health. Ginger provides many health solutions such as fighting indigestion and stomach aches, maintaining metabolism, treating nausea, vomiting and cold as well as increasing immunity.

16.  Tamarind

Tamarind is a soft, pulpy spice grown in trees that has a sweet and sour taste. Tamarind is used in Indian cuisine in making chutneys, pickles and a variety of other curries, especially in Kerala cuisine. Tamarind is a versatile spice that also has non-culinary uses as well.

17.  Star Anise

As the name suggests, star anise is shaped like a star with a heavy and sharp flavor and aroma to it. It is used in preparation of biryanis and pulaos as well as in a variety of non-culinary uses like fighting constipation, inducing sleep, fighting mosquitoes and fungal infections.


If you are looking for buying the best spices and powders in Kerala, look no further, buy Double Horse spices. Double Horse is the leading spices and powders brand in Kerala, providing trusted and the finest quality products for their customers.


Check out the Double Horse catalog of spices here.

Major Health Benefits Of Kerala Matta Rice

Matta rice has been one of the most preferred food grains in Kerala. The Keralites love the aroma, and taste of the brownish-red rice and relish it in lunch and dinner.  Matta rice is also known in different names including Palakkadan Matta and Kerala Red Rice. Though it is not only grown in Palakkad but also in parts of Karnataka.

Most of you might not be aware that matta rice is a treasure of many nutrients and is a healthy choice. Here we are discussing the best health benefits of Kerala Matta Rice so that the next time you can savour the taste as well as take pleasure in having a healthy diet.

Further, we suggest you buy matta rice only from reliable brands. Offering hygienic and healthy products, Double Horse Matta rice has been the top-selling brand in Kerala. We also export the Double Horse rice and other agro products to many countries including the Middle East.

  1. Rich in Nutrition

Kerala Matta rice is a source of many nutrients including carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B, Magnesium and Calcium. The adequate availability of such minerals and vitamins helps in maintaining a healthy body and lively organs. Calcium is an important factor for keeping bones and teeth strong. The Palakkadan Matta rice is useful for nourishing the body with Calcium content, which is beneficial for supplying bones and teeth with calcium.

Polished rice will not contain the external coating called Pericarp. The removal of the layer, for giving the rice an attractive appearance, results in the loss of many nutritional elements. The pericarp on the red rice is not removed, hence it is more nutritious.

  1. Magnesium Content for a Healthy Body

It may surprise you that just a half cup of Double Horse Matta rice will have around 42g of Magnesium content. It is essential for a healthy neuro system, optimally performing heart and strong bones. Daily consumption of Matta Rice would be vital for supplying an adequate amount of Magnesium for the body.

  1. Reducing the Chances of Type 2 Diabetes

The number of Type 2 diabetes patients has been registering an alarming growth for the past couple of decades. The busy life schedule and unhealthy diet have been the basic causes for this phenomenon. Whole grain Matta rice has proven to reduce the possibilities of Type 2 Diabetes.

As we have stated in the preceding sections, the Polycarp of Matta Rice contains Magnesium and Calcium. Both are essential for the proper functioning of systems in the body. The components also prevent the development of Insulin Resistance and assist in the absorption of Glucose.

By slowing the absorption of carbohydrates, Matta rice reduces the increase in sugar level after consumption.

  1. Effectively Lowering the Risk of Heart Diseases and Cancer

The Palakkadan or Kerala Matta rice has a very low content of fat, cholesterol and saturated fat. As is the case, it will not cause a clot or clog in the blood vessels. Moreover, the low fat and cholesterol levels reduce the probability of increased cholesterol levels. It also lowers the chances of a few types of cancer as well.

  1. Fibre-rich Grain for a Healthy Digestive System

Junk food and unhealthy dietary patterns are enemies of the digestive system. Proper metabolism is necessary for ensuring a healthy body. Fibre-rich Kerala Matta rice would aid in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients to the body. The fibre content is crucial for lubricating the bowels, easing the bowel movement and aiding easy excretion of waste.

  1. Decreases the Chances of High Blood Pressure

Palakkadan or Kerala Matta rice is known to have a low glycemic index, besides being rich in fiber. These characteristics eventually help in reducing the chances of an increase in blood pressure. Excessive diet is one of the root causes of high BP. Matta rice would make you feel filled with less food intake itself.

Why Should You Choose Kerala Matta Rice from Double Horse?


Double Horse has been a brand that etched its name in the hearts of millions of customers through excellent quality agro-products. Foodgrains and readymade food items have a paramount role in our daily lives. An unhealthy diet can cause unwanted complications including diseases, degradation in health and such issues. We understand this very fact and make sure that all the products from us meet the strict quality standards.

You can trust our food products like rice powders, instant breakfast mixes, curry powders, wheat products, Spices and Masalas, Pickles, Snacks, Health Products, Flour and Rice to have undergone the meticulous quality assurance and inspection process. All the stages of cultivation, harvest, cleaning, inspection and packaging are under the strict supervision of qualified food experts. The automated cleaning and packing process prevents the possibility of germs, dirt, dust, chemicals or pesticides in the agro products offered.

We have been the first choice of countless customers around the globe. With their trust and relentless support, we stride ahead with strong steps. To know more on healthy Kerala Matta Rice from Double Horse, reach out to us now.

Most Famous Kerala Pickles You Must Try

In India, there is a wide selection of pickles to choose from. Pickles are created mostly from mango, lime, Indian gooseberry (amla), chilli, birds-eye chiles, and vegetables such as eggplants, carrots, cauliflower, tomato, and bitter gourd in India. Pickles (Achars) are an important part of Kerala cuisine. Especially at lunch and dinner, Keralites enjoy spicy, hot pickles or achars. Pickles, also known as achars, are a side dish that makes an Indian dinner complete. Mangoes and lemon are used in many of Kerala’s pickle recipes, including delicate mango pickles, lime pickles, dry mango pickles, sliced mango pickles, and many others. Ginger garlic pickles, gooseberry or nellikka pickles, chilli, prawn seer fish pickles, and so on are some of the other popular pickles.

However, in India, achaar goes beyond the concept of spice combinations that most of us are familiar with. To reaffirm our passion for pickles, we’ve gathered a variety of famous pickles from across Kerala to delight your senses and reawaken your taste buds. Here is a list of the most famous Kerala pickles you must try at least once in your lifetime!

Cut Mango Pickles

 Cut mango pickle called the “King of Pickles,” is a fine blend of sliced mango pieces, red chilli powder, mustard seeds powder, salt, and coconut oil or sesame oil, all of which are used in prescribed proportions and left to mature for a few weeks in porcelain vessels over the hot summer months. In Kerala, it’s common in homes, while in Tamil Nadu, it’s a staple on wedding menus. Chilli powder, turmeric, fenugreek, black pepper, and mustard are just a few days away from sinking into the mango in this quick-fix pickle. The way mango slices are chopped into large cubes to be pickled gives the pickle its name.

 Dates Pickles

 A classic pickle recipe from Kerala’s Malabar region is Malabar Style Dates Pickle. Dates are commonly used in desserts or consumed raw. It’s a quick pickle recipe that takes only 10 minutes to prepare. It’s sweet, spicy, and tangy, and it’s jam-packed with flavors. Eenthapazham achar is a Malabar specialty that goes well with Thalassery biriyani.

Fish Pickles

 Kerala fish pickle is just out of this world. Really! You’re missing out if you like seafood and haven’t experienced Kerala’s version of fish pickle or meen achar. Fish pickle is one of Kerala’s many beloved delicacies. It goes well with rice and chapatis as a side dish. If you want to eat fish every day, this is the dish for you. The fish pickle is made with spicy spices and the flavors of the fish, and it’s a traditional Kerala recipe.

Garlic Pickles

 If you like pickles, we’re sure you’ll love this. Garlic pickle has a salty, sour, and spicy flavor signature. It’s a mouthwatering concoction of flavors. Garlic has a long list of health advantages and has traditionally been a staple in Indian cuisine. Serve it with a side dish of your choice to make it even more exquisite.  If you are a lover of hot and spicy pickles, once you try garlic pickles, we guarantee you will become a die-hard fan of it immediately.

 Lime Pickles

The most popular pickle on this list is the lemon pickle, which is enjoyed by practically everyone. Lemon or lime pickle, made with lemons, salt, crushed spices, oil, and a pinch of red chilli powder, is one of the oldest condiments. You can eat this pickle with any Indian cuisine because it is thought to aid digestion when taken in little amounts.

 Prawn Pickle

If you enjoy non-vegetarian Indian pickles, this Kerala Chemmeen/Prawn pickle is a must-try). It is one of South India’s most popular non-vegetarian pickles. Keralites make extensive use of this in their cuisine. The prawns must first be cleaned and properly peeled. After that, you must de-vain those little critters and add any seasonings you like. The ginger and garlic paste makes up the majority of this dish. You must roughly crush them and sauté them over a medium flame.

Tender Mango Pickle

 Tender mango pickle is prepared with exquisite small raw mangoes, chilli, salt, and other unique ingredients, then processed in the traditional Namboothiri’s method. Mango absorbs the flavors of the other ingredients, and the taste of the pickle lingers in the mouth.

There is no Indian lunch that is complete without a pickle on the table. In India, there are about 1000 different types of pickles. Pickles have a long history in Indian culture and can transport us back to our youth. If you like pickles and haven’t tried most of the ones on this list, it is time you try out Double Horse pickles. As a most trusted food brand in Kerala, Double Horse offers tasty Kerala pickles made with farm-fresh items, dipped in the most aromatic, flavor enriching spices that would take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen filled with achar jars and that spicy aroma!

Top 5 Payasams in Kerala


            Every Malayali around the world has a few factors that unite them despite their varied differences. And one of the most discerning factors of the lot would undoubtedly be an unquestionable love for payasam! An Onam sadya or a special occasion is not complete without the delectable taste of payasam on the palate. From milk based, jaggery-based to even modern variations involving fruits and vegetables, payasam may have evolved through the ages to fit the desires and needs of the people, but the classic varieties still reign supreme in their hearts and tummies.  


          With the introduction of readymade payasam mixes in recent years, such as palada mix in Kerala, it has now become easier than ever before for anyone anywhere to make instant payasam in a jiffy. Let us dive into finding out the most popular top 5 payasams in Kerala: 


        1. Palada Payasam 


         You could call it the showstopper or the champion, Palada payasam is one of the most popular varieties of payasam in Kerala. Made with small-sized rice flakes or ada, milk and sugar, making Palada payasam may seem easy at first but it requires a certain nuance and skill to perfect it. With a distinct taste and flavor only a few can master, Palada payasam when made to perfection puts all other payasams to shame. The popularity of Palada payasam has prompted many FMCG companies to bring out instant Palada payasam mixes that sell out like hotcakes throughout the year. 


        2. Gothambu Payasam 


           The unsung hero of payasams, Gothambu payasam is made from broken wheat and coconut milk. Gothambu payasam is one of the lighter variations of payasam and is one of the most preferred options for those with a slightly less sweet tooth. Those who are vegan or lactose intolerant may also find Gothambu payasam to be their calling among t

he other popular varieties out there. Gothambu payasam is also one of the easiest to make with the ingredients easily available anywhere.  

      3. Semiya Payasam 


         Made from vermicelli, Semiya payasam is yet another popular milk-based payasam that has a huge fan following. One that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, Semiya payasam is very easy and effortless to make. For the same reason, there is no special occasion required to prepare Semiya payasam. It is essentially made by roasting vermicelli, simmering it in milk until it is cooked, sweetening it with sugar and finally garnishing it with roasted cashew nuts and raisins. It can be e

njoyed hot or cold in equal measure and even with a banana as an added accouterment. 

      4. Ada Payasam 


         One of the oldest varieties of payasam, Ada pradhaman is yet another ada or rice flakes-based payasam. Unlike Palada payasam, Ada payasam is not a milk based payasam; rather it is made from bigger, bite-sized flakes of ada, jaggery and coconut milk. Ada payasam is a more traditionally rich version of payasam which is popularly made for special occasions especially in the Southern parts of Kerala.  

       5. Parippu Payasam 


         Last but not least, Parippu payasam rounds up our list of top 5 payasams in Kerala. Made with parippu or split mung dal, Parippu payasam combines jaggery and coconut milk to make a rich and sinful dessert. Parippu payasam is usually prepared on special occasions like Onam or weddings, but like any other payasam it can also be enjoyed just for the sake of it without having to wait for an occasion as such. 

           Payasams may come in different tastes and colours, but a Malayali’s love for payasam remains the same always. The beauty of payasam is that there is something for everyone out there – such is the sheer variety of options that payasam comes in.  

          Enjoy a hassle-free payasam at home with the range of instant payasam mixes from Double Horse. Made with the finest quality ingredients and the tastiest flavors, you can be transported to another world with Double Horse payasam mixes. Buy it from your nearest supermarket or order online here. 

What Are The Health Benefits of Wheat?


Wheat is one of the most consumed food grains in the world. Availability, taste, and health benefits are the main reasons for the high acceptability of food items prepared with wheat. Buying wheat flour and food products from trusted brands is important. Adulterated flour can cause more health issues than benefits.

Double Horse has been offering wheat flour processed through a healthy and hygienic process. Pursuing a comprehensive and automated process for cleaning, processing, and packing, we ensure that our customers are receiving clean, hygienic, and healthy wheat flour containing all the essential nutrients. We mostly rely on wheat -on agro product manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, with the distribution of products across India and exports to foreign countries. Here Double Horse explains the health benefits of wheat.


Nutrients in Wheat

Several healthy minerals, vitamins, and nutrients are available in wheat. Those are vital for maintaining a healthy life. Nutrition specialists and doctors advise people to consume more wheat products than most other grains. To keep the metabolic activities proper and keep the body healthy.

Fiber – Wheat grain is fibrous, which is necessary for the metabolism and expulsion of waste after digestion from the body. In addition, increased consumption of fiber-rich food items can reduce the possibility of many medical issues including heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, inflammations, and obesity.

Vitamins – Wheat contains Vitamin-B and Vitamin-B9. Vitamin B is the building block for a healthy and active body. Vitamin B or Folate is essential for the formation of Red Blood Cells in the body.

Minerals – Wheat is a treasure of minerals including Selenium, Manganese, Phosphorous, and Copper. Supporting various functionalities and maintaining health, the minerals help you to have a healthy life.

Folic Acid – Folic acid has several health benefits. Pregnant women are advised to consume folic acid to ensure the baby is healthy. Moreover, folic acid helps in preventing the probability of Alzheimer’s disease by strengthening the neurons.


Health Benefits of Wheat

As we have seen, consuming wheat is ideal for preventing the possibility of many medical ailments and maintaining a healthy body. Let’s look into the health benefits of wheat one by one.

  1. Helps Maintaining Metabolic Activities Proper

The fiber-rich food grain, wheat, helps in maintaining a proper metabolic system. It would regulate the digestion, absorption of essential minerals and nutrients to the body, and excretion of digested food.

  1. Prevents the Possibility of Obesity

Whole wheat flour is ideal for preventing obesity. Studies indicate that whole wheat flour is great for maintaining, as well as, reducing weight. Therefore, nutritionists advise the consumption of whole-wheat flour for individuals at risk of obesity (or who are already obese). Instead of refined flours.


  1. Reduces the Chances of Type 2 Diabetes

The magnesium-rich food grain, wheat, plays a pivotal role in reducing the chances of Type 2 Diabetes. Doctors suggest consuming whole-wheat flour to both, persons with Type 2 Diabetes and those who have a high probability of the medical condition.

  1. Precludes Chronic Inflammations

Chronic inflammation can lead to heart ailments, osteoporosis, cognitive issues, diabetes mellitus, etc. The anti-inflammatory minerals and betaine contained in wheat preclude the chances of chronic inflammations.

  1. Remain Active

Vitamin B in wheat keeps the body nourished and energized. Researchers state in unison about the energizing qualities of wheat.

  1. Essential for Women

Wheat is an essential food grain for women to maintain their health and to reduce the chances of obesity. Consuming wheat products will phenomenally reduce the possibilities of Type 2 Diabetes in them. Suggested for consumption to women of all ages, whole-wheat flour aids in reducing post-menopause issues.

  1. Good for Children

In addition to offering a healthy and active body, wheat will prevent infantile Asthma as well. Consumption of whole-wheat flour is a healthy choice for children, to maintain their health and ensure a proper digestive system.

  1. Reduces the Probability of Heart Diseases

Reducing the probability of heart disease, wheat flour has been proven beneficial to maintain a healthy heart. Doctors suggest patients include whole-wheat flour in their diet which reduces the possibility of heart ailments.

Besides all the above-mentioned, wheat offers several other health benefits also. It will help prevent gallstones, contain antioxidants it would aid in detoxing the liver, enhance gut health and providing healthy skin, and so on. Wheat is known to have anti-cancer properties too.


The Brief

Wheat products are good for living a healthy life. Equally important is the brand you choose. Wheat flour and other agricultural products from a trustworthy brand would make sure that you are consuming products free of chemicals, adulteration, and other unhealthy ingredients.

Double Horse has been the number one choice for agro-products for decades. We have gained a positive identity by delivering good quality products to our consumers. All our products undergo thorough quality inspection, before reaching your hands. Containing minerals and vitamins, Double Horse wheat products would be the best choice for you.


Traditional Kerala Recipes with Rice Flour

                   Kerala might be known to the world as land of coconuts, but rice flour is ubiquitous and integral to our food, especially as a breakfast item. Almost all popular breakfast items in the state originate from rice and its derivatives. However, some of most bonafide items invented by our people happen to be made out of rice flour. Be it soft and simple Pathiri, or juicy and layered Ela Ada – the sheer inventiveness and ingenuity that goes into some of these dishes is fascinating. Most recipes are fairly simple and can be dished out in less than 30 minutes, as long as one uses rice flour off the shelf. Here are some quick and easy recipes you can try out at home to get a taste of Kerala for breakfast.


                  Known to the world as String Hoppers, this breakfast item is much favored among Malayali’s. The soft steamed noodle cakes have a smooth and almost creamy texture with the crunch of coconut scrapings on top. Often paired with stews and curries for breakfast. Idiyappam is also preferred as an evening snack with a sweet coconut milk sauce poured on top.

                 However, most homemakers wouldn’t dream making Idiyappams often, due to its laborious process. Firstly, the dough needs to be prepared by mixing roasted rice flour with boiled water to make it soft, process usually ending up with burning fingers. Not to mention the brute force needed to squeeze out the dough from the press, especially if the dough hasn’t softened up enough.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes

Serving size – 12 pcs


Water – 2 cups

Gingelly Oil – 1 tsp.

Roasted rice flour – 1.5 cup

Salt – ½ tsp.


  1. Firstly bring the water to a boil.
  2. In a bowl, mix required salt to the rice flour and add ¾ cup hot water.  Stir with a spatula. Now, continue to add the water little by little to the rice flour and mix well until a soft, smooth and non-sticky dough is formed.
  3. Once the dough rounds up, start using your hands to knead the dough for about 2 minutes.
  4. Pinch out a ball of the dough, grease it with oil and stuff it into the Idiyappam press and squeeze out onto the steamer plate.
  5. Steam the idiyappam for about 5 mins until cooked through. Let it cool down a bit, then gently remove from the steamer plate to the serving plate.
  6. Serve hot with a side of stew, curry or sweetened coconut milk

Recipe using Double Horse Easy Idiyappam Powder

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes


  1. Take one cup of Double Horse Easy Idiyappam powder
  2. Add 1 to 1 ½ cup normal water (room temperature) to the flour.
  3. Add required salt
  4. Mix it to make soft and smooth dough.
  5. Pinch out a ball of the dough, grease it with oil and stuff it into the Idiyappam press and squeeze out onto the steamer plate.
  6. Steam the idiyappam for about 5 mins until cooked. Let it cool down a bit, then gently remove from the steamer plate to the serving plate

Note:- No Hot Water Needed, Makes Super Soft Idiyappams

Check Double Horse Idiyappamfor super soft and tasty Idiyappam.


A famous dish from Kerala’s Malabar area is this rice flour roti. It pairs well with a variety of curries!


1 cup rice flour (fine)

1¼ cup water

1 tsp coconut oil

½ tsp salt


  1. To begin, dry roast 1 cup rice flour for 5 minutes on a Tawa over low to medium heat.
  2. Take 1¼ cup water, 1 tsp coconut oil, and ½ tsp salt in a big Kadai
  3. Bring the water to a rapid boil.
  4. Simmer the flame still further and add the roasted rice flour.
  5. Mix continuously until a dough is formed.
  6. Turn off the heat, cover, and let it rest for 5 minutes.
  7. Furthermore, knead and mix using oil-greased hands.
  8. Pinch a ball of dough the size of a golf ball. Cover and set away from the leftover dough; do not allow it to dry out.
  9. Start rolling with a thin dusting of rice flour.
  10. Roll out as thinly as possible, sprinkling with rice flour if necessary.
  11. To seal any broken edges, cut the Pathiri into a circular shape.
  12. Place rolled Pathiri / rice roti on a nonstick Tawa over medium heat.
  13. Cook for 30 seconds on both sides on low to medium heat without letting the pathiri turning brown.
  14. Gently blow up the pathiri with your fingers.
  15. Finally, serve the aripathiri with coconut milk dipping sauce, curry, or chutney.



             Puttu served with Kadala curry is one of the most popular breakfast combinations from Kerala. The combination of soft puttu with Kadala curry(black chickpeas curry) is awesome and you should taste it to know what I mean!


  • 2 cup puttu flour
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¾-1 cup water
  • 1 cup grated coconut


  1. Firstly, in a large bowl, take 2 cups of puttu flour and ¼ tsp salt. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Now add ¼ cup water to the flour and crush it.
  3. Water should be added in stages and well mixed with your hands.
  4. When crushed between the fists, the flour must keep its form and shatter on further pressing.
  5. Make a crumbly flour with a wet texture
  6. With your finger, break apart all of the lumps. Alternatively, pulse it twice in a mixer.
  7. Using a puttu steamer, place 2 tbsp fresh grated coconut on top.
  8. Now, stuff 3 tbsp of puttu flour into the steamer followed by 2 tbsp on grated coconut. Stuff the puttu kutty once again with 3 tbsp of puttu floor.
  9. Close the puttu kutty and steam it for 5 minutes.
  10. Mix thoroughly.
  11. Carefully open it and push the puttu out the back using a wooden spoon.
  12. Finally, serve the Kerala puttu with Kadala curry while it’s still hot.

Check Double Horse Puttupodi for super soft and tasty Puttu.


              Murukku is a famous and traditional deep-fried South Indian snack made from rice flour. It is typically cooked during festival seasons like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi, as well as for feasts and other events. However, it can also be served as a snack during tea time.


  • 2½ cup rice flour (fine)
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • Asafoetida/ pinch of hing
  • 1 tsp sesame
  • ¼ tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ cup roasted gram dal/ pottukadalai
  • Water to knead
  • Oil for frying


  1. To begin, combine 2½ cup rice flour, 2 tablespoons butter, pinch of hing powder, 1 teaspoon sesame, ¼ teaspoon chilli powder, and ½ teaspoon salt in a large mixing basin.
  2. Into the same bowl, add the roasted gram dal powder.
  3. Crumble and combine well.
  4. Add water as needed and knead into a soft dough.
  5. Begin making chaklis on a damp cloth or butter paper. By pushing, produce tiny spiral chaklis.
  6. So that it doesn’t break apart during deep-frying, close the ends.
  7. One murukku at a time, place it in the heated oil or bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius in a preheated oven.
  8. Flip the murukku and cook over medium heat until both sides are crispy.
  9. Furthermore, drain over a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.
  10. Finally, serve crispy murukku/chakli with masala milk or tea



              Banana appam is a popular sweet and savoury snack made with wheat flour and a variety of seasonal fruits. This dish may be made with a variety of fruits, but banana-based paniyaram is quite popular throughout the season.


  • 3 ripened bananas
  • ¼ cup jaggery
  • 1 cup wheat flour/atta
  • ¼ tsp cardamom powder / Elaichi powder
  • pinch of salt
  • oil for deep frying


  1. To begin, peel and chop 3 ripened bananas into pieces
  2. Make sure there are no lumps by mashing them with a fork.
  3. Now, add ¼ cup jaggery and stir well until totally melted.
  4. Add 1 cup wheat flour, ¼ teaspoon cardamom powder, and a sprinkle of salt
  5. Combine all the ingredients
  6. To achieve a thick cake batter consistency, add additional banana puree of water.
  7. Using a spoon, start pouring the batter one by one the hot oil.
  8. Maintain a low to medium heat and stir occasionally.
  9. Fry the appams until they are into a dark golden-brown colour.
  10. Drain the excess oil from the appams using a kitchen towel
  11. Serve hot banana appams topped with ghee.

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Try out these healthy-mouth-watering snacks using Double Horse Rice Flour and let us which one among these recipes you loved the most!

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